United against »Demo für Alle«. Let’s make some beautiful trouble!

On June 25th, »Demo für Alle« is going to try to march in Wiesbaden. An alliance of anti-feminists, conservatives, Christian fundamentalists, Nazis and ›worried‹ parents, their mobilizing slogan can be translated to: »Protest for everybody. Protect marriage and the family! Stop gender ideology and stop sexualizing our children!« With the family model as »incubator of the nation« and a naturalized gender binary, right-wing movements both old and new are finding common denominators with mainstream conservatives.

»Demo für Alle« is aiming to attack feminist empowerment, queer emancipation and a progressive sex education — which is strategically misinterpreted as »early on sexualization«. The alliance is currently mobilizing to protest the new curriculum for sex education at public schools in the state of Hesse. Embedded in racist, nationalist and classist rhetoric, »Demo für Alle« seeks to exclude, shame and attack those who do not fit into, or who oppose their backward model of society. Elsewhere, the same revanchist discourse fuels disdain for marginalized Others and manifests itself in arson attacks on refugee shelters.

We are here and we are queer!

»Demo für Alle« is a fundamental attack on queer lives. Therefore, our counter-protest on October 30th is more than just defending any curriculum. We vehemently oppose those who seek to prescribe traditional gender roles. We fight for a recognition of gender diversity. We demand an end to pathologizing and marginalizing LGBTIQ people. We fight against biologistic family models with nationalist entanglements. We are committed to a concept of family and relationships based on solidarity and diversity and inclusive of alternative lifestyles. Let’s unite anti-sexist, anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles with the fight against bigotry and prejudice towards LGBTIQ people:

Let’s take to the streets — united, determined, colorful and queer!
Let’s Make  »Demo für Alle« impossible: on June 25th and everyday!

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Flyer (english version, DIN A4 copying template, 2x DIN A5)
Flyer (english version, DIN A5)